Introverts in the Church

A Rule of Life

1. Feel most energized mid-day, after initial set of tasks are completed, and have had lunch; also energized post-dinner.

Have in the past felt energized if I start my day with exercise.

2. Feel most tired when I first wake up and mid-afternoon (3-4)

3. Around 9 hours 

4. I am energized when I am able to spend some time reading or can go on a solitary walk, I even really like meaningful conversations with a small group of folks, when I engage in photography, I am not energized when I am with folks who have a lot to say or not much meaningful to say, when I immediately come home from work.

5. I most feel the need for solitude when coming home from work when I am processing that component of the day, and when I do make use of my mornings (I prefer not to be interrupted and to quietly process all I have to do for the day ahead of me). I also like to be alone right before bed– I need at least an hour to read or decompress in some other way.

6. I find soul rest in conversations with dear friends, in reading poetry by people of faith, by cooking, by listening to music that communicates grace.

7. I feel most restored to God through study and lectio divina, when I’ve practiced, but recognize my need for growth in the discipline of prayer and service.

8. Feel most refreshed in relationships that don’t always require a lot of talk, but communicate affection in some other way.

Feel drained in relationships where I feel I need to fight to be heard 


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